We offer the entire range of Chemical Engineering Services

ranging from Conceptual Design, and all the way to Plant commissioning


So, what makes us unique? Here are the reasons with some case studies.

Concept Design

In a competitive environment, an out-of-the-box conceptual thinking can give you the edge. For instance, a client needed to overcome their dehumidifier bottleneck to increase production.

Guha Industries offered a simple solution – use their surplus chilling as a “pre” dehumidifier.

Net result – a 30% step up in production.



Process simulation is a great tool to provide customised solutions. For instance, the Canadian Oil Sands operations generate large volumes of low temperature waste heat. The Challenge given by the client was to recover this into high temperature heat. Guha Industries provided a Custom-Designed Ammonia Absorption based solution.

GE’s take on our proposal? “It has serious potential to offset fossil-fuel consumption”.


Pilot Plant development

Some extraction processes need pilot plant study. Typical process developments we have done - at the client’s site - include the extraction of Aniline and Phenols from waste water using Toluene as the extraction solvent.


Troubleshooting & commissioning experience

We specialize in solving your plant problems. For instance solvent losses can cripple Edible oil or Bio-Diesel plant operations. In one such instance, we saved our customer USD 70,000/- per year in Methanol losses – simply by changing the control temperature point of the Methanol distillation tower.

We actively assist plants across the globe in commissioning and solving any start-up problems that they face during the initial period.


Plant and equipment design

  •   Heat Exchangers thermal and mechanical design using ASPEN HTFS software.
  •   Pressure vessels to standard codes using PV-Elite.
  •   Structural design with AutoCAD Revit.
  •   Piping, structural and 3-D walkthroughs using AutoCAD Plant 3D software.

FEED services

We have the capacity to handle multi-disciple FEED activity to determine CAPEX and OPEX. The activities include

  •   Basic Engineering, including PFD, P&ID and material balance.
  •   Equipment design with detailed fabrication drawings & BOQ.
  •   Plant layouts with 3-D models

Drafting and Reengineering

  •   Updating your plant documents / drawings, including layouts and equipment details.
  •   Layouts and isometrics in existing plants for expansion or capacity enhancement.
  •   HAZOP study and safety up gradation in existing plant.
  •   Capacity bottleneck checking and debottlenecking requirements documentation.

HAZOP study

HAZOP study is an integral part of any process which we handle. We have the experience dealing with highly inflammable solvents like Acetone, Toluene, Hexane, Methanol, etc. We follow all international safety codes and standards to ensure your plant’s and operator’s safety.



AETA (Applied Engineering & Training Academy) operates in association with Guha Industries, and helps to provide practical training for Engineering students to give them a broad and structured understanding of engineering practice.